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Intro to a non-mom

This blog is going to be about women who chose not to be moms. I am 31 years old, married, a teacher, and NOT a mom. This is shocking to almost everyone I meet. Most people say something like, “Oh, well you still have plenty of time”. That would be true, if I wanted children. But I don’t. That is the most shocking part to people. I used to say things like, “Actually, I am really not interested in having children”. After alarming looks I usually got, “Well, that is just selfish”.  I am writing this  blog as an ask for consideration. Consider that there is an alternative to marriage and the baby carriage. We should also think twice before judging people who are happily married (my husband and I have been married for over 7 years) without children. There needs to be an open conversation about happily married people who do NOT have kids. What does that look like? Where does fulfillment and significance come from when you don’t have kids? I hope that through the comments and thoughts shared on this blog post, eyes will be opened to the choices that we have as married couples in the 21st century.